Life, as we all know, can be very complicated. As, unfortunately can cycling. A recreational activity or a means to channel our competitive urges cycling is not as simple as the early marketers of the bicycle had our forefathers believe. From service intervals to route options, weather predictions and road safety; there is a lot to keep in mind before setting out on a ride. That is why Hubtiger should be your go-to cycling life simplifier.

Born as a tool to keep your bike in optimal riding condition, Hubtiger is a mobile application with an ever growing array of capabilities. The foremost of these remains the service interface. By linking Hubtiger with your GPS device or activating tracking application it can alert you as to when your next bicycle service is due. The application effectively creates a digital log book, tracks the kilometres ridden and time between services, to alert you to potentially worn components.

Utilising industry standards Hubtiger can predict when a specific component will need replacement or simply when your road or mountain bike is due for a tune up. To make life even easier Hubtiger offers bicycle shops with an integrated platform, which links shops on the platform with your phone. This means booking a service is just a click away.

Not only is booking a service with a relevant store now easier than ever before but the integrated Hubtiger bike shop platform will provide you with updates on how the service is progressing with in-app messages. For clients without a Hubtiger profile, this is free to set up when downloading the mobile application, bike shops can still make use of the platform’s full suite of online solutions. These include online bookings, calendars, digital job cards, automated communication, point of sale integration and the ability to view details on customers’ bikes down to each component. Ideally though the bike shop platform works in tandem with the Hubtiger application, which is free in the Google Play and iStores.

“At TrailWolf, we have been striving to digitise our workshop from online bookings through to our point of sale, providing an all-round better customer experience. We have been able to achieve this using the Hubtiger bike shop solution” endorsed Andre Bezuidenhout, the owner of Pretoria’s TrailWolf cycles. Elite riders have also been impressed with Hubtiger’s offering. “Before Hubtiger, I had admin to keep track of my bike’s condition and when to get it serviced. Now with Hubtiger, it’s all automated!” enthused Alan Hatherly about the application.

“We have exciting plans for the future with Hubtiger” Daniel Magowan, a co-founder of Hubtiger confided. “Along with the service tracking and bike shop platform the app will also soon provide highly accurate weather information along routes users have ridden before. This functionality will pull weather predictions from various localised platforms and amalgamate them into one, reliable, prediction.”

Hubtiger allows riders to track the kilometres and hours ridden on each component of their bicycle. Photo by Hubtiger.

“We also have plans to include a Cycling Club feature in the next iteration of the app” Magowan continued. “Many clubs use WhatsApp groups currently, but they are limited to 256 members and the key information soon gets lost among the cycling banter. So we decided to build a feature which gives allows riders to visually see what route will be ridden on a certain day, the pace of each group, who the marshals are for each group and the predicted weather for each route. The feature will also help cyclists who aren’t in a group to find one. It will show them all the cycling groups on the area, the pace of each group, amount of members, membership fees, the type of rides that the group does and all the other admin information. With Hubtiger riders will have access to cycling clubs at their fingertips, and can be sure they’re joining the right club and group ride for their skills, fitness and feeling on the day. We believe the transparency will increase the amount of riders who ride in cycling clubs or groups.”

“Hubtiger is already in its second phase of development and the updated interface is far slicker than the launch version. Sufficed to say we are very excited by the possibilities of providing South African cyclists, of all disciplines, with one powerful application – at their fingertips – which does virtually everything they need” Magowan concluded.

Hubtiger brand ambassador Johan Coetzee, uses the application to keep his bikes running smoothly throughout training and racing. Photo by Johan Coetzee.

To find out more about the Hubtiger please visit or download the application from the App Store or the Google Play market to see how Hubtiger can simplify your cycling life.