Aches and pains are part of sport. In a discipline like cycling where one basic motion is performed for hours on end, while seated in a less than natural position, repetitive strain injuries are common. Especially if your bike fit is not dialled in to perfection. Aside from visiting your local bike fit studio, before you start wracking up the kilometres by the thousands, it is also advisable to get your body aligned by a Lyno practitioner. This will help you avoid injuries.

Gary-John Sylvester knows a thing or two about getting and keeping athletes’ bodies aligned for the Absa Cape Epic. “One of my major top aspects that I do, is preventing recurring injuries and getting rid of compensation pattern in the body” the Lyno practitioner and sports massage-therapist and explained. “Improving your range of motion is also a very big part of job and making sure your body works in symmetry. I’ve worked with a number of cyclists over the last five years, including my current squad, Team Imbuko Giant, Cannonale Factory Racing, Simon Andreassen, Sam Gaze and my personal career highlight thus far working with former u23 World Champion Alan Hatherly.”

Gary-John Sylvester in action, treating u23 World Champion, Alan Hatherly.

“The most common injuries for most mountain bikers are usually overuse of hip flexors, rounded shoulders and also weakness of the lower back” he pointed out. “The principle is to perform a full body assessment and from there determine where the problem is actually coming from. The aim should be to work on the cause of the problem instead of the symptom. Once the problem has been isolated Lyno practitioners use a fascia release technique to unlock your compensation patterns. After doing the release, strengthening exercises should be prescribed to the athletes so that they don’t ‘fall’ back into their bad habits or compensation patterns” Sylvester expanded.

“It is important to look at your body in a holistic view; because most of the time, it’s not what you do on the bike which is necessarily causing your recurring injury” he continued. “Most of the time is the things you do off the bike. Changing your ‘bad at home patterns or habits’ is usually the first step to riding pain free. As is doing frequent maintenance, in terms of stretching and sports massage treatments, along with strength and conditioning in the gym. You can’t just ride your bike; you need strength training too.”

Nicholas Dlamini being realigned by Gary.

Turning his attention to training which riders taking part in the Absa Cape Epic could do to avoid injuries Sylvester said: “Sessions that I would do now, would be focusing on getting the body to work in symmetry. Along with loading exercises in a programme which includes both strength and endurance training. When it gets closer to Absa Cape Epic, then it’s all about maintaining that intensity, but with more explosive type of movements and focusing on core stability.”

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