OUTsurance, the insurer where you always get something out, will help ensure you get in[to] SwimRuns this year, and beyond. Torpedo SwimRun, South Africa’s premier SwimRun event organisers, are proud to announce OUTsurance as the series’ presenting sponsor. The sponsorship commenced with the Torpedo #GetWrecked Cape Experience by OUTsurance, on the 6th of December 2020.

“We are thrilled that OUTsurance has seen the potential of Torpedo SwimRun” enthused Richard McMartin, a Director of Torpedo SwimRun. “SwimRun as a sport and the Torpedo SwimRun events have been growing in popularity – in leaps and bounds, in recent years. Having a major South African company come aboard as a presenting sponsor highlights the fact that the events are starting to reach a wider fitness market. SwimRun is no longer a niche sport.”

“OUTsurance’s sponsorship commenced with the Torpedo #GetWrecked Cape Experience by OUTsurance” McMartin confirmed. “It is a new non-timed concept that we have launched to allow athletes to still experience the beautiful Torpedo Cape route, and an amazing extra section. The #GetWrecked Experience started at Moari Bay, under the towering Karbonkelberg cliffs, at the wreck of the BOS400. After a cold-water swim and an epic trail run, the route joined the traditional Torpedo Cape route at Sandy Bay. It was a fantastic day out on the Atlantic Seaboard with crystal clear, if icy, water for the 7 swims and mild temperatures for the 6 runs.”

The Torpedo SwimRun presented by OUTsurance series is made up of both competitive and non-competitive events. Photo by Caleb Bjergfelt.

“After the longer experience on the 6th of December, the next event was Torpedo’s shortest” McMartin said. “The Torpedo Waterfront KnockOut by OUTsurance is another exciting new concept. The event took place on Sunday, 13 December, and featured 4 athlete heats, in age group categories from Under 15 to Under 89, on a 1000-metre-long course. After 90-minutes of qualifying the top 16 SwimRunners in each age group progressed to the quarter finals, with the top 2 qualifying for the next round.”

“Alexandra and Nick Quénet continued their unbeaten streaks in Torpedo SwimRun presented by OUTsurance events, notching up age group and overall victories” McMartin recounted. “What made their wins all the more impressive is that they beat world renowned triathletes Rachel Klamer and Richard Murray into second. The success of the Quénet siblings showcases that the skills required to be competitive in SwimRun events are slightly different to those of triathlon and with the support of OUTsurance the sport will hopefully be able to grow to the point where talented athletes can specialise in SwimRun.”

In 2021, the Torpedo presented by OUTsurance series resumes with a couple of events in Val de Vie estate. The first is a short distance event perfect for novice SwimRun competitors, while the second is perfect for athletes wishing to challenge their competitive limits on a fast 10-kilometre route. Torpedo SwimRun Cape by OUTsurance returns with a new autumn date, in April 2021, before the series moves north to Gauteng’s Cradle Moon Game Lodge. Next season starts with the Torpedo SwimRun Wild and Flow by OUTsurance in Wilderness, in September.

Torpedo Cape by OUTsurance is the series’ flagship event and is scheduled for 11 April 2021. Photo by Caleb Bjergfelt.

Carl Louw, OUTsurance’s Chief Marketing Officer, added: “We are proud to be able to play our part in growing this exciting sport – not only to showcase amazing athletic ability, but to highlight the beauty of our incredible country. It’s just another way for us to get involved in the initiatives that matter to our communities.”

To find out more about SwimRuns in general and the Torpedo SwimRun presented by OUTsurance series in particular visit www.torpedoswimrun.com.

The urban Torpedo Waterfront #KnockOut by OUTsurance was an action-packed new concept, launched in December 2020, which pit athletes against one another in 4 person heats, with the fastest 2 finishers progressing until an age group winner was crowned, in each category. Photo by Caleb Bjergfelt.

2021 Torpedo SwimRun presented by OUTsurance Dates:

  • 30 January 2021: Torpedo Tour Val de Vie by OUTsurance
  • 30 January 2021: Torpedo Kids Val de Vie by OUTsurance
  • 31 January 2021: Torpedo SwimRun Val de Vie by OUTsurance
  • 11 April 2021: Torpedo SwimRun Cape by OUTsurance
  • Date TBC: Torpedo SwimRun Moon by OUTsurance
  • 24 & 25 September 2021: Torpedo SwimRun Wild by OUTsurance
  • 24 & 25 September 2021: Torpedo SwimRun Flow by OUTsurance