Making kids’ bikes is about supporting and nurturing the spirit of riding from the first moment a kid’s feet hit the pedals. Kick-starting their passion for riding by delivering a great first ride means kids are more likely to keep riding for years to come with the Specialized Jett.


A new bike is a critical investment for families. Especially now, when parents are looking for safe, fun ways for their kids to get out and get active. Specialized know that greater comfort opens the door for more riding. With kids’ bikes, comfort comes from a bike that fits well, and a design that’s kid-focused. Because of their growth spurts and growth patterns, the perfect fitting kids’ bike is a short-lived “just right”. Not only do kids deserve class-leading bikes, but they also deserve a bike that fits better, for longer.

A better fit means more comfort, leading to more rides, kick-starting a lifetime of riding. The Specialized Jett is here to inspire that.


Parents told Specialized, during their market research, that they want a bike which fits their kids for about 30 months or three summers. The Specialized teams’ research found that kids, ages 5-12, grow in their arms and legs faster than their they do in their torsos. So, in the development of the Jett Specialized needed to make a bike that was proportional and adjustable for quickly growing arms and legs to achieve the perfect fit multiple times in the bike’s lifetime.

Riding for the joy of it.


Consulting the cycling industry’s best bike fitters, Specialized developed the Jett using the same study tactics that they use with world-class athletes. During “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” at the Specialized Boulder, CO office, they gathered data from their own kids. The team put kids on bikes and observed the mechanics of how they were riding. Were their knees aligned in their pedal stroke? Are their shoulders stacked properly? Which kids could reach the handlebars most easily? Are the components compatible for their size? The data collected was optimized in the design process to increase comfort, eliminate common pain points, prevent future injuries, and improve the rider’s potential to perform on the bike.

Learning to love cycling.


Specialized poured everything they learned into the Jett.

First, they looked at how to make the bike proportional. Components may seem like minor details, but the kids’ study proved that they make a world of difference for young riders. A kids-specific saddle and narrow q-factor crank create hip-knee-ankle alignment. This helps to avoid knee pain and improve pedalling power—so riders can pedal further, faster. Narrower grips and short-reach brake levers allow for better control and manoeuvrability, inspiring more confidence in riders. These components were developed so kids can ride in capable comfort.

Body Geometry bike fit data helped develop the Jett.


Secondly, Specialized took the average growth curve of kids and built 30 months of growth into the adjustability of the Jett. Delivering more riding and more fun. Adjustability comes in the form of 2-hole positions for cranks, a long seatpost, and adjustable handlebars for extended reach. And what’s more, the Jett is a quality ride that weighs in at just 9.39kg/20.5 lbs (24”), enabling riders to keep up with the grown-ups or lead the pack. The Jett is built to adjust to any level of capability, riding style, and growth pattern to help access kids’ full riding potential.

By looking at the highest growth potential for girls and boys ages 7-12, Specialized were able to identify how much adjustability was needed to create a bike that would last for three seasons. This curve represents the maximum annual growth rate for a child, which occurs when children move from a low-height percentile to a high-height percentile. Now we have a much better understanding of how long the Specialized Jett will fit a rider.

“The adjustability unlocks a whole new level of comfort and confidence, in both riding and buying.” – Specialized Development Team

By rotating the BMX style bars forwards or backwards the reach of the Specialized Jett can be increased or decreased at your child grows.

The Specialized Jett is specc’d with an extra long, for a kids bike, seatpost, allowing you to extend it as your child gets taller.

A second, inner, pedal socket allows you to shorten or lengthen the effective crank arm length; making it more suitable for riders with short legs.


The Jett is the vehicle for riders to learn, grow, and eventually graduate to the next steps in their riding journey. It starts with that first push on two wheels and quickly evolves into skid stops and dive-bombing trails. Kids are always going and always growing, so they deserve a ride that fits—a bike that will inspire a lifetime of riding. To us, that’s a goal well worth the effort.

The Specialized Jett is built for a lifetime of riding.


Specialized’s kids’ bikes are built based on a unifying belief: empowering little riders with the best first bikes will inspire a lifetime of riding. They created a four-step system to develop products in tandem with a rider’s growth path.

Riding through the ages.

Growth Steps

1) Kick, Balance, Steer

At its core, riding is all about balance. It’s also the toughest part of learning to ride on two wheels, but with a nimble and light bike is can be a lot easier. Without pedals, kids can start learning the essentials and build confidence in their own abilities.

Suggested bike: Hotwalk

2) Pedal, Coaster Brake

Steps two and three are all about pedalling. Once they’ve got their balance, kids can control their speed with a mix of pedal work and braking. Not every rider needs training wheels once they’ve mastered step one but we’ve included them just in case.

Suggested bike: Riprock Coaster

3) Pedal, Handbrakes

Now that balance is second nature when riding, riders learn to pedal while managing their speed with handbrakes. Introducing handbrakes at this stage allows for a smooth transition into more hand control in step four.

Suggested bike: Riprock

4) Shifting, Handbrakes

Here is where the riders put it all together. Now that they’ve mastered balancing, steering, and braking, they’re ready to shift gears and take on new hills and valleys. They can crank up the speed and explore whatever’s ahead. Here riders can choose the Jett if they’re riding on more paved surfaces or opt for the Riprock 24 to tackle some dirt.
And Beyond!

Suggested bike: Jett


Specialized Jett Sizing

  • Jett 16” Single Speed: 95cm – 121cm
  • Jett 20” Single Speed: or Jett 20” Multi Speed (8 Speed Drivetrain): 102cm – 132cm
  • Jett 24” Multi Speed (8 Speed Drivetrain): 109cm – 147cm

The age range that typically correlates with these heights is 5-12 years old.

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