Tubeless tyre set-ups can be tricky, or rather messy, for home mechanics. Which is why Squirt Cycling Products have created the Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant 120ml Easyfill Pouch system. It allows for spill free top-ups of tubeless tyre sealant, leading for more hours of puncture-free riding and cycling enjoyment.

“As cyclists ourselves we’re all to familiar with the hassles of tubeless tyre set-up and maintenance,” Danie van Wyk, of Squirt Cycling Products noted. “Something, which when working well makes your riding experience so much better, can become a nightmare when sealant levels run low or dry out in your tyres. Seating tubeless tyres the first time requires the right tools, in the form of a compressor or compressor floor pump as well as a knack for the job. But maintaining a tubeless set-up, once the tyres are seated, is really easy. Especially with our new Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant 120ml Easyfill Pouch.”

The up-cyclable packaging has clear, step-by-step, instructions as well as a volume dispensed indicator on the back of the packet.

The 120-millilitre flexible laminate packaging, which can be up-cycled into material for use in road surfaces, roof sheeting and construction decking is filled with Squirt Cycling Products’ biodegradable SEAL Tyre Sealant. The packaging features clear, easy-to-follow, instructions on how to top-up one’s tyre sealant using the Easyfill Pouch.

“Simply remove the valve-core, allowing the tyre to deflate completely. Shake the Easyfill Pouch and fit the nozzle over any standard Presta valve. Then gently squeeze the desired amount of Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant into the tyre, using the convenient millilitre scale on the back of the pouch to dispense the exact amount required. Replace the valve core, re-inflate the tyre and go for a short, 50-100 metre, ride to disperse the sealant throughout the tyre,” Van Wyk explained.

The Easyfill Pouch replaces a single-use 150ml plastic bottle, which relied upon a finicky tube for connection to Presta valves. Photo by Jacques Marais.

Regularly topping up one’s tubeless sealant ensures ride enjoyment by plugging punctures when they occur. The Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant has been tested in the harshest of conditions, including the Absa Cape Epic, and has proven capable of sealing punctures caused by an object of up to 6-millimetres in diameter. This is due to BeadBlock® technology which used not only microfibres but also BeadBlock Granules in the latex formulation to mechanically seal larger punctures.

Along with the new Easyfill Pouch’s hassle-free application benefit it is also more environmentally friendly and easier to transport than the 150-millilitre plastic bottle it replaces. The laminate packaging is reusable for other purposes, unlike the single-use plastic bottles. Yet it is robust enough to be stored in a toolbox or packed in a bike packing bag without risk of leakage.

For the distributors the benefits of the Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant 120ml Easyfill Pouch include that the geometry of the pouches increases bulk packing efficiency by as much as 53%. This translates into cheaper logistics and increased energy efficiency for transportation. Compared to Squirt Cycling Products’ previous 150ml bottles, the packaging of the laminate pouches weighs 33% less, which further reduces transportation costs.

The Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant 120ml Easyfill Pouch was rigorously tested by riders and mechanics at the 2022 Absa Cape Epic and passed with flying colours. It will be available in all good bike stores, world-wide, from May 2022. To find out more about Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant, the Easyfill Pouch and the full range of Squirt Cycling Products visit

Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant 120ml Easyfill Pouch will be available in all good bike shops, globally, from May 2022.