Liqui Moly South Africa, the German motor oil and additives manufacturer, has partnered with Dryland Event Management in support of all their events to supply cleaning and chain lubricating products to the mountain- and gravel- bikes, as well as trail running event participants.

“Dryland, with Henco [Rademeyer] and his team, have set standards that so many passionate cyclists and trail runners have enjoyed for years,” Melicia Labuschagne, Liqui Moly South Africa’s Managing Director, said. “We are proud and excited about the partnership, as we believe we have many of the same values.”

Liqui Moly’s products will not only be used to clean bikes in the bike parks after each day of Dryland stage races, but they will also be used to clean and lubricate drivetrains before stages and at water points. Liqui Moly will also be activating post-stage with helmet and shoe cleaning stations at selected events.

Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly will provide Helmet and Shoe Cleaning stations at selected Dryland races. Photo by

For the trail runners Liqui Moly’s Helmet and Shoe Cleaner, which will be available at cleaning stations in the Tankwa Trail and Dryland Traverse Race Villages, will help keep their trail shoes looking shiny and new. The main beneficiaries, of course, will be mountain and gravel bikers. As they will receive Liqui Moly’s support at eight Dryland races a year.

Liqui Moly are already affiliated with a number of South Africa’s top cyclists. Their iconic red and blue branding is prominently displayed on the helmets of the Efficient Infiniti Insure Mountain Bike Team. The squad – which includes Mauritian, Kim le Court, and former South African marathon champions Amy Wakefield and Samantha Sanders – who are frequent participants in Dryland races. Le Court and, former team member, Theresa Ralph are the reigning Momentum Medical Scheme Cape Pioneer Trek, presented by Biogen, champions. While Wakefield and Sanders raced to fourth in the 2023 Momentum Medical Scheme Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen.

“Our slogan at Liqui Moly South Africa is ‘Our Results create Passion,’” Labuschagne continued. “If our wide product range did not add value and create results, our passion and that of our customers and partners, would not exist. This is what drives us. We join the Dryland team with the intent to add value to the events and make every competitor’s adventure journey more memorable and enjoyable, in every possible way.”

The Liqui Moly Bike Wash will be a key feature of all Dryland MTB and gravel races. Photo by

“It is fantastic to work with the passionate and dedicated team from Liqui Moly,” Henco Rademeyer, of Dryland praised. “They put the riders and runners first, which is exactly what we always try to do when making any decisions around our events. It doesn’t hurt that Liqui Moly products are fantastic too! The majority of our events take place in harsh conditions, from the Karoo Burn across the dusty R355 gravel road from Calvinia to Kaleo to the Glacier Storms River Traverse, which is famously muddy. Each event requires not only an effective lubricant for your drivetrain but also necessitates a thorough bike wash afterwards. Liqui Moly’s products are perfect for keeping mountain-, gravel and even e-Bikes running smoothly, regardless of the conditions they may face.”

Dryland Event Management’s next event is the 2023 Tankwa Trail, which takes place from the 21st to the 23rd of April. Trail runners will be able to use the Liqui Moly Helmet and Shoe Cleaning spray on their trail running shoes there. Thereafter the 36ONE MTB Challenge will provide a stern test of chains, cassettes and chainrings, thus requiring effective drivetrain lubrication, across a rugged 361 kilometre circumnavigation of the Klein Karoo, from the 12th to the 14th of May.

For more information on Liqui Moly’s range of cycling products as well as their full range of automotive and automotive cleaning products visit Dryland Event Management’s full schedule of events for 2023 and beyond can be found at

Along with partnering with Dryland Event Management, Liqui Moly are also sponsors of Kim le Court and Samantha Sanders’ Efficient Infiniti Insure team. Photo by Sage Lee Voges for