Social Sunday may have been all about Beer Runs; Sprinting, Hanging and Dancing for Charity; and the performance of Me & Mr Green; but there was a competitive aspect to it too. Day three of the 2023 HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor saw the completion of the Trail Run stage race, the Mountain Bike events and the Open Water Swims. The short distance mountain bike race also served as the fourth Big 6 event, while the 2.5 kilometre swim was the penultimate race of the competition.

On the mountain bikes Jamie Penfold and Erik Nielsen earned valuable points in the Big 6 race, while David Sher’s second place saw him moving closer to the overnight leader, Rudolf Naude. “The course was only 23 kilometres long, so it was full gas from the start!” race winner, Penfold explained. “I got away with two other guys and we raced the singletracks in the Hemel en Aarde Valley together. When we hit the tar again, coming back towards the Cricket Club it was clear that it was going to be a sprint finish. And fortunately, I was able to edge David [Sher] and Erik [Nielsen].”

Walker Bay Outdoor

The Hemel en Aarde trails are in a spectacular condition at the moment, which made for even more enjoyable riding. Photo by Dieter Pey.

The women’s short distance mountain bike race provided Bridget Theunissen with another chance to extend her lead in the Big 6 competition. She put 4 minutes into Tracey Campbell, thus increasing her overall lead. Ina Rousseau joined Theunissen and Campbell on the podium.

In the long race, which was a stand-alone event, Mathew Russell and Hermanus local Tyla Setzkorn emerged victorious. Setzkorn pointed out that the trails were in immaculate condition. “The trail builders have been doing incredible work recently,” she praised. “The singletracks are really fast and its amazing to have such good trails right here on our doorstep.”

Walker Bay Outdoor

Vicky Welham won Day 2 of the Trail Run stage race and claimed the general classification victory. Photo by Johann Minnaar.

Day 2 of the Trail Run saw Joshua Blackshaw repeat his Day 1 victory, while in the women’s race Vicky Welham completed her collection of HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor podium places, adding a first to the second and third she had already bagged earlier in the weekend. In the absence of the Big 6 campaigners, Blackshaw’s nearest rival on Sunday was John Faure, with Josh Cawood completing the stage and general classification places.

Welham was joined on the women’s podium for the day by Marguerite van Niekerk, who only participated in the second of the series’ runs, and Nicola Wills. The general classification podium thus saw Chantel Nienaber stepping up alongside Welham and Wills. “Today was tough, but still a lot of fun,” the overall champion confessed. “I took a 600 metre detour too, which made it harder today. It’s been an amazing two days, all told. My heart is overflowing with happiness, but my body is pretty tired! I need some beer now.”

Walker Bay Outdoor

The right way to get into the sea for an Open Water Swim… Photo by Nick Joubert.

In the Open Water Swims there were skins and wetsuits races in both distances. The 17 degree water temperature made it comfortable for even the most hesitant non-wetsuit swimmer and the change in venue allowed for the large swell to not impact the racing. While the ideal route for the swims was between the Old and New Harbours in Hermanus, the 4 metre swell necessitated that both swims started and finished in the New Harbour, with a 1.25 kilometre course in the shelter of the bay ensuring good conditions throughout.

The Big 6 campaigners took on the 2.5 kilometre swim. Bruce Campbell collected his first victory of the competition, holding off Rudolf Naude and Liam Clarke. Bridget Theunissen continued her Big 6 dominance, winning the women’s wetsuit swim, ahead of Lisa Kingston and Lalande Esterhuysen. In the skins competition Justin Hardcastle proved fastest in the men’s race, with Emsie Brand winning the women’s.

Walker Bay Outdoor

The New Harbour’s pier sheltered the swimmers from the worst of the 4 metre swells which pushed into Walker Bay during the Open Water Swim. Photo by Matt Ashwell.

The 5 kilometre Open Water Swim was won by Thomas Klopstra, who swam in a wetsuit. Christian Terblanche was the first skins swimmer out the water in the long distance, while Anneke Boshoff was the faster of the two women who took on the long course without a wetsuit. The other, Linda Thompson, also deserves praise for braving the distance without the buoyance offered by a wetsuit. Carina Bruwer dominated the women’s wetsuit swim over the longer distance, ahead of a trio of women who swam the entire course together. Elizma Geldenhuys, Kim Adams and Kaylee Nancarrow, thus deserve a special mention too.

Monday, 1 May, was the final day of the HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor with the Sprint and Junior Triathlons taking pride of place on the schedule. For more information, visit Multisport fans can share in the excitement, by liking the Walker Bay Outdoor Facebook page or following @walkerbayoutdoor on Instagram and @walkerbayoutdoor on TikTok.

2023 HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor Recaps: Day 1 – Friday | Day 2 – Saturday | Day 3 – Sunday | Day 4 – Monday

Walker Bay Outdoor

Jumping for joy on Day 2 of the HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor. Photo by Johann Minnaar.

Trail Run Results

Men’s General Classification after Day 2:

  1. Joshua Blackshaw (2:35:35)
  2. John Faure (2:39:16 | +3:42)
  3. Josh Cawood (2:46:40 | +11:05)

Women’s General Classification after Day 2:

  1. Vicky Welham (3:08:58)
  2. Nicola Wills (3:19:27 | +10:29)
  3. Chantel Nienaber (3:21:51 | +11:53)
Walker Bay Outdoor

Along with the competitive riders there were many who took the MTB races very socially. Photo by Dieter Pey.

MTB Short Route

Men’s Results:

  1. Jamie Penfold (51:50)
  2. David Sher (51:53 | +3)
  3. Erik Nielsen (51:53 | +3)

Women’s Results:

  1. Bridget Theunissen (58:54)
  2. Tracey Campbell (1:02:57 | +4:03)
  3. Ina Rousseau (1:19:27 | +20:33)

MTB Long Route

Men’s Results:

  1. Mathew Russell (1:47:31)
  2. Herman Keuler (1:49:09 | +1:38)
  3. Francois Low (1:49:09 | +1:38)

Women’s Results:

  1. Tyla Setzkorn (2:01:41)
  2. Nina van der Berg (2:03:25 | +1:44)
  3. Helene Slabbert (2:27:11 | +25:30)
Walker Bay Outdoor

The Open Water Swim offered both Skins and Wetsuit swim categories. Photo by Matt Ashwell.

5km Open Water Swim

Men’s Wetsuit Results:

  1. Thomas Klopstra (1:04:41)
  2. James Gerber (1:11:3.0 | +6:49)
  3. Milan van der Westhuizen (1:14:19 | +9:38)

Women’s Wetsuit Results:

  1. Carina Bruwer (1:07:40)
  2. Elizma Geldenhuys (1:36:39 | +28:59)
  3. Kim Adams (1:38:25 | +30:45)

Men’s Skins Results:

  1. Christian Terblanche (1:04:46)
  2. Bruce James (1:16:27 | +11:41)
  3. Herman van der Westhuizen (1:17:37 | +12:51)

Women’s Skins Results:

  1. Anneke Boshoff (1:17:56)
  2. Linda Thompson (1:25:59 | +8:03)
  3. N/A

The Open Water Swims offered 2.5 and 5 kilometre distances, in a 1.25 kilometre loop, from the Hermanus New Harbour. Photo by Nick Joubert.

2.5km Open Water Swim

Men’s Wetsuit Results:

  1. Bruce Campbell (30:11)
  2. Rudolf Naude (30:18 | +7)
  3. Liam Clarke (31:53 | +1:42)

Women’s Wetsuit Results:

  1. Bridget Theunissen (33:17)
  2. Lisa Kingston (35:11 | +1:54)
  3. Lalande Esterhuysen (38:48 | +5:31)

Men’s Skins Results:

  1. Justin Hardcastle (39:11)
  2. Deon Marshall (42:07 | +2:56)
  3. Michael Grobler (46:41 | +7:30)

Women’s Skins Results:

  1. Emsie Brand (42:14)
  2. Carol Mason (45:28 | +3:14)
  3. Thea Brand (45:43 | +3:29)

The women’s mountain bike short route podium (from left to right): Tracey Campbell, Bridget Theunissen and Ina Rousseau. Photo by Matt Ashwell.

Big 6 after Sunday’s Events


  1. Rudolf Naude (392.69 Points)
  2. Colin Fleming (386.93 Points)
  3. Wynand Hofmeyr (358.50 Points)


  1. Bridget Theunissen (393.39 Points)
  2. Tracey Campbell (362.62 Points)
  3. Liza Kingston (349.58 Points)

For more information on how the HI-TEC Walker Bay Outdoor Big 6 results are calculated click here. To view the full results, click here.