There is no debating the health benefits of an active lifestyle. You don’t have to be an endurance cyclist or distance runner to improve your health; neither do you have to dramatically change your life or spend a ridiculous amount of money on equipment to become more active. You just need to start moving.

“We are excited to announce the launch of NanoTime” Dave Jacobs, the CEO of {type}DEV the software engineering firm underpinning the non-profit organisation, said. “As an avid mountain biker, myself, I have experienced the benefits of an active lifestyle; in both my own life and in that of our company. Being active is an essential ingredient to having quality of life. It might not always be easy to make time, and the excuses can be overwhelming, but the benefits trump the excuses every time. Through NanoTime we aim to inspire and assist other professionals on their personal wellness journey.”

Fitness and healthy eating can be made needlessly complex by fad diets and complicated exercise routines. NanoTime is a wellness movement with the goal of connecting, assisting, and supporting individuals like yourself to get away from the electronic screens, get outdoors, and start moving. Through sharing our love for an active lifestyle, we aim to reduce the barriers to entry, by encouraging you to make use of what you have at hand to start exercising. Be it as simple as going for a walk or getting back on your favourite mountain bike trails.

Our aspirational and flagship project will be a professional cycling team. The team official launches in August and have a roster of riders who are among South Africa’s very best. The team’s make-up ensures a blend of experience and exciting talent. It is one of the NanoTime aims to nurture the young riders in the squad, to ensure they develop into the stars their talent suggests they should be.

“In the time of Covid-19; our economy has been devasted by the fallout and scars will be with us for the foreseeable future. In these times it is difficult to think of anything else than economic survival. However, the Covid risk statistics have also underscored the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It is in light of this, that we at {type}DEV view it as our civil duty and our privilege to support a professional mountain bike team” Jacobs added. “The official unveiling on the team will take place on the 14th of August in a digital launch on NanoTime’s social media platforms. Before that though, on the 31st of July, the NanoTime website will go live.”

In the meantime, mountain biking fans can visit and see if they can guess the riders from their avatars. From the 31st of July onwards, the website will become a portal for NanoTime’s fitness and wellness inspirational and educational content. To ensure you do not miss any of the exciting developments follow @nan0time on Instagram, like the NanoTime Facebook page and follow @NT_Movement on Twitter.

NanoTime believe that small (nano) changes over time can make a huge impact on your wellbeing and drastically affect how much ‘life’ you can fit in your life. All it takes is for you to start moving.