Squirt Cycling Products are proud to introduce the plastic waste reducing Squirt Chain Lube Eco Box. The 5-litre container, of Squirt’s acclaimed wax and water emulsion chain lubricant, is designed to allow individuals and workshops to refill their plastic Squirt applicator bottles; thereby reducing the amount of plastic waste. The Chain Lube Eco Box will be available internationally, via Squirt Cycling Products’ extensive distribution network.

Each Chain Lube Eco Box can save up to 41, 120 milliletre, plastic Squirt applicator bottles. The hard cardboard exterior is prominently branded, features a price chart for 120- and 500 milliletre refills, and is designed to be placed on a sales or workshop counter. Inside a soft bag is filled with 5 litres of Squirt Chain Lube; which boasts a wax and water emulsion formulation, is clean, biodegradable, suitable for all bikes and conditions, and is PFAS-Free. The Chain Lube Eco Box also features a tap and nozzle which is large enough to facilitate speedy refills, but is small enough to slot into the mouth of Squirt Chain Lube applicator bottles. This ensures spill free top-ups.

One of the key features of Squirt Chain Lube is that it is PFAS-Free. The unique blend of biodegradable waxes combined with the emulsification technology used in formulation provide a very stable, more eco-friendly product with a long-lasting lubrication effect. Traditional lubricants and many other chain lubes use Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) due to their low friction properties, these chemicals are extremely resistant to biodegradation and have been shown to accumulate in ground water, soil and even the human body. The unique waxes in Squirt Chain Lube act as friction reducing additives, without the negative effects associated with PFAS chemicals.

“While our Squirt Chain Lube is biodegradable the plastic bottles we currently use aren’t,” Director of Squirt Cycling Products, Danie van Wyk confessed. “This doesn’t sit well with us and we had to find a way to reduce the number of single-use plastics we are responsible for. While plastic technology is improving the simplest current solution is to allow cyclists and bicycle mechanics to rather reuse their plastic bottles.”

Each Squirt Eco Box can refill up to 41 Squirt Chain Lube bottles. Photo by Zane Schmahl.

“The simple concept behind the Chain Lube Eco Box can lead to 41 fewer plastic bottles per 5 litre box being thrown away” Van Wyk pointed out. “And the box itself is made from recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. As a company Squirt Cycling Products are committed to reducing single-use plastics and we hope that this new product will help cyclists do the same.”

The Squirt Cycling Products Chain Lube Eco Box will be available in bicycle stores from September 2021. For more information on the Chain Lube Eco Box, or to find your nearest distributor visit www.squirtcyclingproducts.com.