The leader in South African cycling wear, Ciovita, is proud to announce their technical cycling apparel partnership with IRONMAN’s global mountain bike stage race group, the Epic Series. The partnership covers the Epic Series’ full range of events, including the series pinnacle, the Absa Cape Epic. Ciovita and the Absa Cape Epic have their headquarters in Cape Town but the synergy between these brands extends beyond the trails of Table Mountain. They also share a desire to keep improving, delivering world-class products with a focus on quality, hard work and can-do attitude.

“When we launched Ciovita, our ambition was always to compete amongst the global leaders in a rapidly growing cycling industry.” Ciovita’s CEO Andrew Gold explained. “The Epic Series provides us with yet another opportunity to bring our kit to cyclists in every corner of the globe. We are exceptionally proud to be associated with these prestigious events and look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

The technical cycling apparel partnership between Ciovita and the Epic Series will see Ciovita produce the leader jerseys for all the Epic Series events globally. Photo by Nick Muzik/FNB Wines2Whales.

“Ciovita has always been about the pursuit of excellence when it comes to the development and creation of our kit” Gold added. “We are always striving to outdo ourselves and achieve superior quality, attention to detail, and innovation – all values that we share with the Epic Series.”

The first event of Ciovita’s partnership with the Epic Series will be the 2022 Absa Cape Epic. Scheduled to take place from 20 to 27 March, the race will once again bring the world’s best mountain bikers to the Western Cape to test their skill and endurance. Going forward, Ciovita will be producing the iconic zebra-striped leader jerseys for the Absa Cape Epic as well as unique leader jerseys for all other international Epic Series events. As a large part of Ciovita’s offering, they have been creating custom cycling kit for numerous local and international teams participating in the race.

These leader jerseys are packed with world class features and have been meticulously crafted by a dedicated team to ensure that they stand out and offer the leaders everything they need to perform at their peak, in a wide range of challenging conditions.

Ciovita’s race proven garments have the fit, technical qualities and aesthetics to meet the demanding standards of the world’s best mountain bikers. Photo by Nick Muzik/FNB Wines2Whales.

The typically South African approach of not shying away from a challenge has ensured that the Absa Cape Epic has cemented itself as the pinnacle of global mountain bike stage racing. Ciovita will now seek to follow in those tracks through the Epic Series’ stage races. Currently the Epic Series hosts nine events in Europe, Africa and Australasia; though the IRONMAN Group’s mountain biking subsidiary has exciting plans for continued growth into new markets too.

“Taking on the world’s premier mountain bike event as the official technical apparel partners of the Absa Cape Epic is a big task” Gold admitted. “But it’s one we are certainly ready for. I believe Ciovita has proven that our cycling apparel can compete against the very best in the world; in terms of fit, technical capabilities and aesthetics. Suffice to say we are excited about showcasing our brand to an international audience and to do so on the biggest global stage. It’s remarkable to reflect on how Ciovita has grown to be a brand capable of becoming the Epic Series’ first overarching, global technical cycling apparel partner.”

Ciovita’s custom apparel division supplies many of South Africa’s professional mountain bikers, including the Imbuko {type}DEV equipped by Giant squad, with cycling kit. Photo by Max Sullivan.

“Partnerships are the building blocks of the success of the Absa Cape Epic” Absa Cape Epic Founder, Kevin Vermaak, said. “Since 2004, the role of Official Technical Cycling Apparel Partner to the Absa Cape Epic has been filled by three of the world’s biggest cycling brands and now it is the turn of Ciovita. We’ve worked with Ciovita in the past at the FNB Wines to Whales, and this new expanded partnership extends to the entire Epic Series portfolio. I am so proud to have this dynamic and swiftly growing company on board for the entire Epic Series.”

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