Good health cannot be achieved on fitness alone, it requires good nutrition too. Healthy, seasonal and sustainable food not only tastes better, but provides a higher quality fuel for active bodies, this is why trail runners should be excited to note that KAUAI has partnered with the Otter African Trail Run.

As the official Wellness Partner of the Otter African Trail Run, which takes place from the 5th to the 8th of October 2022, KAUAI is inaugurating the race with a Snacking Area in the food tent. Jam-packed with healthy snacks, trail runners can expect only the best nutrition to fuel them for the grail of trail.

KAUAI is also hosting the Munchie Point, 22 kilometres into the Retto Edition route. “The Munchie Point, at Oakhurst, is set to be the most ‘out-there’ aid station ever created,” John Collins, Race Director of the Otter African Trail Run promised. “Anyone who has run the Otter or hiked the trail before can appreciate just how remote the Munchie Point is. KAUAI is going all out to blow the trail runners away and treat them to some of the best water point nutrition they’ll ever experience.”

The Iconic Retto route, which heads from west to east, will be made easier by the KAUAI Munchie Point aid station and the delicious race nutrition on offer there. Photo by Kelvin Trautman/Magnetic South.

“At KAUAI we are passionate about preventative health through wellness. With 26 years of serving South Africans healthy food, we are expanding a healthy lifestyle to include sustainability, mental health and physical fitness too. We’re really excited by the partnership with the Otter African Trail Run”, said Dean Kowarski, CEO of KAUAI.

To share in the excitement, KAUAI has launched a number of campaigns, including a competition to win one of three sought-after late entries to the 2022 Retto Race or Challenge. The winners will not only line up at the Otter in October, they will also be receiving KAUAI Smart Meals to get race ready, and KAUAI Trail Running Kit.

KAUAI’s Smart Meals are customised, weekly meal plans containing the finest locally sources ingredients, tailored to unique nutrition goals, and conveniently delivered to your door. Photo by KAUAI.

Though outdoors enthusiasts are generally very conscious of not dropping any litter on the trails of the Otter route, a large amount of plastic washes ashore along the Tsitsikamma coastline. The event’s Green Principle has long been to ensure that the near-pristine environment is better for trail runners having participated. Sealand will be joined in 2022 by KAUAI in the ‘Protect our Paths’ Campaign. This trail campaign encourages all trail users to pick up one piece of litter every time they are out in nature. Otter participants are encouraged to collect any litter they gather on route and drop it in the to ‘Protect our Paths’ bin at the end.

For more information on the 2022 Retto Edition, which runs West to East from Natures Valley to Storms River, please visit The Otter Challenge gets underway with the Prologue on Wednesday, 5 October, before the 42 kilometre Challenge on Thursday, 6 October. On Friday, 7 October, the Race’s Prologue sets the scene for Saturday, 8 October’s, main event. Trail runners who are not yet ready for the full Grail of Trail route or who want to experience a bit of the Otter African Trail Run’s magic; entries are available for the 6 and 11 kilometre Dassie events. Visit to find out more.

KAUAI’s healthy meal options provide the ideal fuel for committed athletes, like trail runners. Photo by KAUAI.