MyCycleLife is giving away R450,000 to 5 lucky members, on 1 March 2024, in its Summer Jackpot draw. Come spend your rewards at CYCLE LAB before the 29th of February 2024 to be eligible to cash in BIG this Summer!

MyCycleLife, South Africa’s only free cycling rewards programme, makes available approximately R25 Million in rewards to its 200,000 members every year, and in an unprecedented move in the South African cycling industry.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our members. I encourage them all to log into their profiles at to check if they are in the Summer Jackpot draw. On the home page, they need to look for a green tick next to their rewards total. If they see a red exclamation mark, that means they are not in the draw and need to spend their Summer rewards!” explained Taryn Henstock, the Marketing Manager for MyCycleLife. “Only members who have spent their Summer rewards will be entered into the draw meaning that every name in the draw is eligible to win the Summer Jackpot.”


MyCycleLife members needed to have spent their rewards to qualify to win their share of the Summer Jackpot. Photo by Gaudenz Danuser.

This is a departure from previous Jackpot draws, where ALL members were automatically entered into the draw. But in the past, there was a twist… not every name in the Jackpot draw was eligible to win the Jackpot. Members needed to have spent their rewards to qualify for the win, and if the name drawn didn’t qualify, the Jackpot was forfeited. The Jackpot total would then be increased by another R25,000 and would roll over to the next draw. With approximately R5 Million worth of rewards expiring every season for not being spent, this Jackpot format has meant that a win in the Jackpot has eluded its members since its implementation in July 2020.

“We originally constructed the rules of the Jackpot to encourage our members to spend their rewards. A rewards programme is not worth anything if the members don’t spend their rewards! And so, making the spending of rewards a final hurdle to being eligible to win the Jackpot made sense to us at the time” explained Taryn Henstock. “It has been exciting for us to see the Jackpot grow to reach these lofty levels, but the time is right to give it away. To make the win guaranteed, the decision was taken to narrow the Summer 2024 Jackpot name draw to only those members who had spent their Summer rewards. This means that on 1 March 2024 we are drawing 5 names, as opposed to the original winner-take-all format. With a Jackpot total that big, we decided to share the love!”


In addition to rewarding you for shopping at CYCLE LAB and Chris Willemse Cycles stores, MyCycleLife now also incorporates Strava and rewards members for riding too. Photo by Quique Bueno.

There are future rewarding mechanisms and incentives in the MyCycleLife pipeline which Taryn elaborated on. “We’re also really excited about the expanded functionality and rewards within MyCycleLife. The programme initially launched by offering rewards for shopping only at any of our retail Partners; CYCLE LAB or Chris Willemse Cycles both in-store and online, and then last year we added a Strava integration which means members are now rewarded for riding their bikes. If members shop with our retail partners and ride regularly, they are geared to receive the most rewards. We aim to create an ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of your riding life and rewards you for doing what you already do naturally in a seamless and frictionless manner. We want to encourage members to ride more and give them incentives and value back on top of the enjoyment and health benefits that cycling brings. We have accomplished a lot, but we are not done. In the future, we will be introducing rewards for servicing your bike, improving your bike skills and bettering your best. Watch this space.”

MyCycleLife also rewards with great experience prizes. Following the Spring 2023 season, a luxurious stay at Trail’s End Bike Hotel, in Grabouw, was given away. This Summer the prize up for grabs is a VIP CIOVITA experience, including the opportunity to design your own custom CIOVITA kit.


MyCycleLife members can spend their rewards at CYCLE LAB stores, as well as in store or online at Chris Willemse Cycles. Photo by Quique Bueno.

“I want the message to all our MyCycleLife members out there to be clear and simple. Come spend your rewards before 29th February 2024! Not only will it save you money on your next cycling purchase, but it also ensures that you are eligible to win your share of the R450,000 Summer Jackpot. I am also really excited that the draw will be done live on Mix FM … can’t wait to make someone’s year…” said Taryn with a grin on her face.