Valentine’s Day traditionally involve flowers, dinners with your spouse or partner, and chocolates. It could however also feature entering a mountain bike race. If you book a date, for two, by entering the 2024 FNB Wines2Whales your partner is sure to love you even more!

The traditional date for the race with serious gees’ entries opening has long been 14 February. It is as set on the mountain bike calendar as the three races, within the overall event, themselves. In 2024 the series kicks off with the women’s Chardonnay race, on 1 to 3 November, before the mid-week Pinotage provides E-Bikers with an opportunity to race full gas from the 4th to the 6th. The men’s Shiraz wraps up nine days of incredible riding, from 8 to 10 November.


Share the love of the trails at the 2024 FNB Wines2Whales. Photo by Dom Barnardt.

Throughout a love of mountain biking is the passion which fuels FNB Wines2Whales. It is a passion which is shared by riders, crew and the host – Lourensford Wine Estate, Oak Valley and Curro Hermanus – alike. To ensure that you can share in the love the entry fees have been locked at the 2023 prices!

14 Reasons to Love FNB Wines2Whales

1.     The Trails

Mountain bikers love singletrack and the traditional route is packed with it. From Lourensford to Hemel en Aarde, trails abound and provide spectacular riding throughout.


Share your love of the trails at FNB Wines2Whales. Photo by Sam Clark.

2.     Traditional Route

Racing from the Wines of Lourensford to the Whales of Hermanus is a special experience, after 2023’s Switchback, the route returns to the traditional direction in 2024.

3.     Lourensford

Starting at Lourensford means easier logistics ahead of Stage 1 and great riding right away.


Gathering at Lourensford Wine Estate, for registration and the race start is one of the great features of the traditional route. Photo by Dom Barnardt.

4.     Oak Valley

Mountain biking’s most famous race village is geared to hosting two nights of bike race festivities, with rider dining, a chill zone, the FNB Recharge Lounge and on the farm’s vast lawns.

5.     Curro Hermanus

Finishing in Sandbaai, on the outskirts of Hermanus, gives you access to great places to go celebrate your ride, before heading home. And also ensures a downhill run through the final 10 kilometres!

6.     FNB Recharge Lounge

The best place to relax post-stage is undoubtedly the FNB Recharge lounge. Reflect on the riding and snack on treats in the most hospitable race village setting you can imagine.

Toyota Cruise

Each stage features a Toyota Cruise segment upon which you can really push your limits and compare yourself to the pro’s. Photo by Sam Clark.

7.     Toyota Cruise Trails

One singletrack on each stage will be designated as the Toyota Cruise trail, which creates excitement and encourages you to see how your time across the trail compares to pro’s.

8.     Mouthwatering Meals

The meals at FNB W2W are legendary. With the catering team providing the best fresh ingredients and cooking up a storm, you know you’ll be eating like a king.

9.     Savanna Lite Chill Zone

Alongside the FNB Rider Lounge is the Savanna Lite Chill Zone. Stocked with Devil’s Peak beers and of course Savanna Premium Ciders, by the Tipsy Gypsy Art Bar, coffee will be on offer and wines from Oak Valley’s famous cellar it is a festive place. Especially in the late afternoons and early evenings!


No more little blue tents. All the tents at FNB Wines2Whales will be canvas this year. Photo by Sam Clark.

10.  Canvas Tents for All

Campers rejoice, the standard tented entry package at FNB Wines2Whales now boasts a two-person canvas tent for every rider. Not only are these tents sturdier in the wind, but they also offer more space to move around and get dressed in.

11.  FNB W2W Wine Club Membership

As a registered rider, for the 2024 edition, you will automatically become a member of the FNB W2W Wine Club. This gives you exclusive access to special offers and discounts from our partner wineries. You can order our curated 2024 selection or shop online and have your wine delivered to your door.

12.  Custom 2024 FNB W2W CIOVITA Cycling Jersey

Part of the gees of FNB W2W is looking the part! With the official 2024 CIOVITA rider’s jersey you will be doing just that, and will have a jersey to wear at other races too.

Fair Cape Chocolate Milk

Recover like a king, or queen, with a Fair Cape Dairies Chocolate Milk post-stage. Photo by Dom Barnardt.

13.  Fair Cape Chocolate Milk and Cadbury’s Ice Cream

Post-stage treats do not get any better than Fair Cape Chocolate Milks on the finish line. Later, after dinner dessert can be topped up with a Cadbury’s Ice Cream too. If you do not have the energy to take on the next stage you did not indulge enough in our treats.

14.  Serious Gees at 2023 Prices

To ensure the serious gees continues and that you maintain your FNB W2W love affair we’ve locked the 2024 entry fees to the 2023 prices. So, do not delay enter on Valentine’s Day!

Serious Gees

Experience serious gees this November. Photo by Sam Clark.

To secure your spot in the 2024 FNB Wines2Whales Chardonnay, Pinotage or Shiraz visit Entries are open, from Wednesday, 14 February. Tier one entries will be available until 31 March 2024, whereafter the prices increase to the tier two fees, until 30 June. From the 1st of July until entries close, on 30 September 2024, tier three pricing will come into effect. Therefore, to gain maximum benefit of the 2023 entry costs register now.