In 2019 Titan Racing launched their much anticipated new full-sus, the Cypher, a fully-fledged racing bike with enough flair to tear up the descents and power through the climbs. In the years since it has proven itself a formidable force in the local and international racing scene, and has played a pivotal part in establishing Titan Racing as a force to be reckoned with.

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But, time waits for no man, woman or bike and so the time has come to introduce the next-generation Titan Racing Cypher. It is a ground-up new design, incorporating all the lessons learned on its way to podiums and the latest design knowledge and manufacturing know-how.

As with the first generation, the all-new Cypher will come in two variants – the Cypher RS, built around 100mm rear travel and 100mm fork, and DC (Down Country) version built around 120mm rear travel paired with a 120mm fork. The Cypher RS is aimed at riders who are more focused on racing and marginal gains, whereas the DC will cater for riders who deal with the ups to get to the downs.

To the naked eye, the suspension design may look similar, but Titan Racing has given it a complete overhaul. Out back the Cypher Gen2 has moved to flex stays with an evolution of the first-generation Cypher suspension. The flex stays reduce weight and the number of parts, further aiding long-term reliability, ease of service and lighter overall weight. Speaking of which, the UCL frame has dropped a whopping 500g by leaving no stone or part of the manufacturing process unturned.

The range will be available in three different frame levels – each optimised for the relevant price point and intended purpose, balancing stiffness and weight savings in all the right places. At the top of the range, Titan Racing will offer UCL Carbon to deliver light, yet strong frames. Weighing in at a scant 1,750g, the models using this carbon lay-up will come race-ready straight out of the box. The range will include SCL and CL frames, with the intended purpose of being easier on your wallet while still offering top-of-the-range geometry, manufacturing and backup.

The Titan Racing Cypher’s geometry has been brought bang up to date for a more progressive ride. Headline numbers for the Cypher RS are 67° head angle, 75.5° seat tube angle, 435mm chainstay length, 337.5mm BB height and a reach of 470mm for a size large. (Numbers quoted above are for the “low” setting)

Your Bike, Your Ride

The Titan Racing “SMART choice” means they strive to improve our customers’ riding experience by offering next-level products at fair value money – with a big focus on the riding experience. They have spent countless hours specifying each model with the best in class parts, with every little detail considered.

The new Titan Racing Cypher will come with a flip chip, just like the first-generation Cypher range. This will allow you to adjust the geometry by, literally, flipping a chip. With your mechanic in mind, they’ve simplified the design and moved the flip chip to the shock yoke, resulting in fewer parts, reduced weight and higher manufacturing tolerances.

Building on this they’ve spec’ed the range with offset headset cups. Adjusting the cups will offer a 1-degree slacker head angle for those looking for even more trail-inspiring confidence on descents. This, along with the Flip Chip makes the next-generation Titan Racing Cypher a highly tuneable mountain bike.

And then, instead of spending time convincing you about how and when you should hydrate, Titan Racing has designed the new Cypher range to accommodate two water bottles in all frame sizes. Your bike, your ride.

A bike your mechanic will love

The recently launched Titan Racing Cerberus trail hardtail was their first bike incorporating SRAM UDH hanger standard, and as with all future bikes, the next generation Cypher Carbon has been designed around this standard. For those not yet familiar with it, SRAM UDH is designed to unify derailleur hanger standards and make use of the new T-Type transmission drivetrains that SRAM launched late last year.

They have also redesigned the downtube protector, now made from rubber rather than plastic, based on user feedback received on Bike Hub forums, and have added 3M adhesive tape for extra protection and peace of mind. This ensures that small stones and gravel do not work their way between the frame and protector, resulting in much better frame and paint protection in this area.

The Cypher RS and Cypher DC models have two options to route your cables internally. You can do it the old-school way through a port on the side of the head tube, or go fully internal with the use of a Token Box System or FSA ICR. By doing this we do not restrict you or your mechanic by forcing you to go one way or another. Either way, we’ve spent a great deal of time to ensure the routing is visually clean and neat, as well as rattle-free.

Then finally, they employ an accordion grommet where the cables transition from the front to the rear triangle for improved water, dust and gravel management.

Improvements made with you and your mechanic in mind

  • Flex Stays
  • Flip chip
  • Improved downtube protector
  • Two options for internal cable routing
  • SRAM UDH Hanger Standard
  • Integrated chainstay protector
  • Two bottle cages across the range
  • Offset Headset Cups
  • Reduced frame weight, yet increased stiffness and durability
  • BSA Threaded Bottom Bracket
  • Tubeless Ready rims and tires across the range
  • Integrated downtube protector comes with an extra 3M Adhesive tape for extra peace of mind and protection


The Titan Racing Cypher Carbon DC Ultimate will retail for R169,999.00 and the Titan Racing Cypher Carbon RS Team for R149,999.00 at the time of launch. The first shipment is expected to arrive in May, with more models to follow soon after.

Quality, backed up

The Titan Racing Cypher will be backed up by our now legendary 5 Year Multi-User warranty (for details click here) through all Titan Racing dealers worldwide.

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