With SnowReport.co.za predicting snow to down below 1 000 meters above sea level in the mountains of the Western Cape this afternoon we thought we’d provide you with a quick list of places where you can go play in the snow.

Table Mountain

This is a risky call as the prediction isn’t guaranteeing snow on the Mother City’s famous landmark. But there could be a light dusting, which unfortunately probably won’t settle even on the highest peaks of the range. Head up to Maclear’s Beacon, at 1 085m, via Platteklip Gorge for a quick winter hike and get some snow in your hair if you’re pressed for time. It is going to absolutely bucket down with rain though so be extra careful, dress warmly and wear a waterproof outer shell.

Golden hour in the snow.

Entry Fee: Free

Website: www.sanparks.org

Maps: Google Maps

Parking: Platteklip Gorge Parking Area on Google Maps

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Photos from above the snow line.


With Victoria Peak, at 1 589m, the snow is guaranteed to bank up more in Jonkershoek and hang around for you to get up there on Tuesday. Head in the reserve gate and drive the circle route to the white bridge; then follow the Panorama trail signs. You should reach the snow line above the Berg River Neck. There is some rain predicted for Tuesday still so don’t forget a waterproof jacket, but more importantly layer up with base layers and a down jacket to resist the icy chill.

Snow day fun.

Entry Fee: R40

Website: www.capenature.co.za/reserves/jonkershoek-nature-reserve/

Maps: Available at the gate

Parking: Jonkershoek Gate on Google Maps

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Shorts are probably not a great idea for hiking in the snow…

Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve

The easiest way to get to the snow line is to drive up to the summit of the Franschhoek Pass and park at the entrance to Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve. From the reserve gate it’s an easy 2km hike to the snow line, climbing about 150m in elevation, which is significantly easier than the hike to the snow line in Jonkershoek. The wind whistles through the Wemmershoek Valley and the Mont Rochelle ridgelines so a windbreaker over a down jacket is a good way to lock in your body heat.

The icy rivulets running down the mountains feed into the Western Cape’s dams.

Entry Fee: R50

Website: www.montrochellehiking.co.za

Maps: Available at the gate

Parking: Mont Rochelle Gate on Google Maps

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A pair of warm gloves won’t go amiss should you decide to build snowmen.

The Perfect Winter Warmer

Don’t forget to pack your hiking stove and moka pot when going for your snow hike. Find a spot with a rock or overhang blocking the wind, preferably with a good view, and make yourself a good strong cup of coffee. Hot, strong, black and without sugar is the Spartan best – but if you need milk and sugar taking a pre-prepared flask with coffee made to your liking is still pretty great.

A mountain top brew.

Are you brewing right? Check out this how-to guide for the perfect moka pot coffee by Yuppie Chef.