Ciovita’s new Apex kit range is something pretty special. But while their puffer riding jackets are exceptionally warm and their ceramic sleeved jerseys (that’s a full article in and of it self) it’s the Apex bibs that steal the show. They are gloriously comfortable.

Apex vs Supremo bibs. Photo by Steve Thistle.

Now I haven’t been swaddled within my memory. Those days are fortunately lost in the fog of infanthood pre-memory. I would have to imagine that pulling on a pair of Apex bibs are like being swaddled.

Apex bibs give you power. Photo by Steven Thistle.

The chamois is practically oversized. It feels like it’s edges extend further around (does that make sense?) than any other chamois I’ve experienced. They also feature a dual pad. One that sits flush with your skin and moves with your body. The other is attached firmly to the compression latex outer of the bibs. The two layers are connected, but allow for a measure of ‘float’ between them. This ensures that however you shift, on or out of the saddle, that the padding is always perfectly positioned under you when you put your weight back into the saddle.

Jaco Pelser rocking the Apex bibs on the Overberg Bikepacking Adventure. Photo by Steve Thistle.

The compression effects of the bibs construction feels great on your legs too and the oversized 3D printed silicon leg grippers keep it locked firmly in place. I’m guessing they’ll keep leg and knee warmers up regardless of how hard you pedal. Which makes a nice change from bibs with a single thin line of silicone gripper.

Ciovita’s glamour shot of their Apex bibshorts in action. There’s not much of a question over who wore them best. Photo Supplied by Ciovita.

Completing the first class construction of the Apex bibs are a pair of wide shoulder straps. The final feature of the bibs is the relatively low cut front. Which, and there’s no polite way to say this, makes it easy to stop for a road side pee. Okay there is a better way to say it, they make nature breaks a synch.

The Apex bibs feature oversized straps and a low cut front. Photo Supplied by Ciovita.

My only complaint is that the bibs extend a little further down the leg that I’d prefer. The lower cuffs sit about 5cm above the knee which means they’ll stick out the bottom of most baggies. But then when you make a pair of bibs as beautifully constructed as Ciovita’s Apex bibs I guess you want people to see them. There’s no hiding them under baggies then. They’ll force you to go full Lycra bandit. And in my case maybe even shave my, exceptionally, hairy legs. Fortunately gravel grinding doesn’t require a fully streamlined look…

Apex cruising off into the distance. Photo by Steve Thistle.

Test Rides

As worn during the De Hoop Adventures by Bike.